Respectfully Raw

Respectfully Raw

We are the only organic to-go cafe in the Logan valley. We offer organic, plant based, gluten free to-go foods. Our menu changes weekly to keep things interesting, the new menu is posted every Monday morning. We have a variety of foods available from pre-made salads to fresh juices, raw treats and nut milks, local herbal tea blends, or come and make your own salad with our 13 topping salad bar. We strive to make at least 70% of our food raw, and we also have hot soup available each week. We purchase as much produce as we can, when we can, from local cache valley farmers. 100% vegan all the time.

Our goal is to provide highly nutritious food at a reasonable price. We also offer workshops to teach our customers how to make the same nutritious food in the comfort of their own home.

A lot of our recipes are inspired by Amy Choate and Annie Miller’s book Naked Nutrition: Whole Foods Revealed. Come in a pick up a copy!

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Open Wednesday through Friday from 10am to 4pm

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